Environmental, social and governance

The Fund and its management team are fully committed to the protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and proactive compliance with current and evolving environmental legislation. The Fund’s aim is to demonstrate continuous improvement in its environmental performance through responsible investment and management practices, whilst considering various stakeholder interests and requirements.

The Fund’s approach to sustainability seeks to future-proof DPFC, ensuring it is resilient and responsive as the global community’s understanding and knowledge of sustainability grows and embraces new behaviours and technologies. This approach combines the three main themes of Sustainability: Environmental, Social and Governance in a practical way.

The Fund’s commitment to delivering ESG enhancements is directly compatible with its business model of offering well managed cost effective energy efficient properties in line with occupier needs along with robust and transparent management practices for the benefit of its investors.


Minimising the impact on the environment whilst we transition to a Net Zero Carbon society.


All of the Fund’s assets centrally sourced energy is derived from renewable sources.


The Fund actively invests in improving the energy performance of its assets, adopting new technologies and enhanced building materials. These initiatives reduce occupier costs and improve rental performance.


Third party benchmarking is utilised to demonstrate the Fund’s improved performance with the Fund subscribing to GRESB and setting a route to delivering year on year improvement.

Net zero

The Fund is targeting net zero carbon by 2040.

ESG Lead

DPFC has a dedicated ESG resource with initiatives reviewed and considered by the Investment Advisory Board and Trustees.


The Fund’s ESG objectives are communicated to its occupiers, third party advisers and wider stakeholders with service contracts, green leases and procurement programs utilised to enable delivery of the Fund’s agenda.


Incorporating the interests of stakeholders into business decisions which are open to scrutiny.

Stakeholder interests and issues factored into business decision include: health and safety, occupiers, inclusion and diversity, health and wellbeing, employee engagement, charity support and child, forced or compulsory labour.


Structured to demonstrate commitment to high standards of corporate governance as a progressive and transparent business.

The tiers of governance include: Investment Advisory Board, Investor Committee, Trustees and, in line with FCA requirements, a full scope AIFM and Depository.